Winnerwell® Wood Burn Stainless Steel L-sized Hot Tub and Pool Water Heater SKU 910249


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Winnerwell® Wood Burn Stainless Steel L-sized Hot Tub and Pool Water Heater          Patented Design

● This water heater is a precision-built, high-efficiency water heater designed specifically for hot tubs. It circulates water using the principle “thermosiphon”-hot water rises and creates low pressure, which sucks water from below.
● It eliminates the need for a circulating pump and electricity, making it possible to heat the water in a hot tub with the heater placed externally. A big advantage is that there will be more space in the tub, which in turn means a smaller model can be selected.  
● Every detail of the Winnerwell® hot tub water heater has been engineered for maximum efficiency, utilizing a sophisticated heat exchange design.The stainless steel body surrounding the firebox is actually a double-wall water-jacket, making the entire firebox a heat-transferring surface.

Material: AISI304 Stainless Steel
Heater Body Dimension: D×L=600mm×800mm
Firebox Dimension: D×L=380mm×700mm
Pipe Diameter: 120mm

Rear Joint Pipe Dimension: OD: φ51mm; RC 1 1/2 taper thread inside.

Assembly Height (approx.): 3900mm
Net Weight (approx.): 35.8kg

The water circulation between the heater and the hot tub or pool can be done by gravity, in the case that the connecting hoses/pipes must not be longer than 50cm.

If the distance is greater than 50cm, it is recommended to switch a pomp between, but this should not exceed a flow rate of 2000 liter/h, or can be regulated by means of a valve/ball valve. A pump with a low operating pressure (<1 bar) is also recommended to minimize the risk of an increase pressure in the heater.