For what use are Winnerwell stoves suitable?

Winnerwell wood burning stoves are designed for outdoor recreational use and offer a dependable heating&cooking solution.


What fuel do I use?

Only dry wood should be fired in Winnerwell stoves. Paraffin blocks, peat and/or pressed blocks such as lignite should be avoided. The use of damp wood or other fuels may cause incomplete combustion and produce carbon monoxide.


How do I light the stove?

The cleanest and most efficient way to light a stove is via the TopDown method. It takes some practice at the beginning, but with the TopDown method you have the least trouble with smoke and therefore a much more efficient and clean combustion. 

Try to avoid paper (newspaper) to start the stove. Paper has a tendency to swirl and this increases the chance that pieces of paper will fly up through the pipe and damage the surroundings. To light your wood, use firelighters, birch bark (from dead trees only) or Syttis bulbs.

Never use gasoline, gasoline-type lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid, ethyl alcohol or similar liquids to light the stove.


Can I cook on the stove?

Yes you can. All pans and kettles can be used, provided they have a flat bottom.