Sauna Water Dropper SKU 910438


Sauna Water Dropper

Compatible with any Large Size Winnerwell Stove with 3.5" pipes, the Sauna Water Dropper is designed to be used with the Winnerwell Sauna Stone Basket to create steam for a wilderness sauna experience. This water tank also functions well for general use and water heating in your camp. 

● Strictly prohibited to heat up water with EMPTY Water Dropper.
● Please check and confirm if the spigot leaks before use. 
● Please wear gloves for operation to prevent possible injury.
● Please be aware of possible scalds as the spigot gets hot.

Material: AISI304
Dimension: 222(L) x 175(W) x 355(H) mm / 8.7(L) x 6.9(W) x 14(H) in
Pipe Diameter: 89mm / 3.5in
Net Weight: 2.2kg / 4.7lbs
Capacity: 4.5 Liter