Titanium Grill Net SKU910406


Titanium is one of the safest and healthiest metal for cookware and tableware. 

Titanium Grill Net 

To suit the needs of ultralight camping and bushcraft expeditions without compromising on your utility. This Grill Net is designed to be used on top of:
Winnerwell® Stainless Stoves, Fastfold Titanium Stoves, Backpack Stoves, Flat Firepit, Five-Way Chimney Starter. It can also be used over other campfires.  

NON-TOXIC: Titanium is a non-toxic metal and presents no threat to human body.

LIGHT-WEIGHT: Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on the earth. It has the same strength as stainless steel while being only half the weight.

CORROSION-RESISTANT: Titanium is extremely corrosion resistant offering long term durability. 

SKU: 910406
Name: Tiatanium Grill Net
Material: Pure Titanium
Dimension: 405(L)mm×150(W)mmx2(D)mm / 15.9(L)in×5.9(W)in×0.078(D)in
Net Weight: 0.2kg / 0.44lbs