Woodlander M-sized Camping Stove SKU 910203

Ideal for heating & cooking in compatible tents, recreational shelters, and for general outdoor use.

Product Description

Ideal for heating & cooking in compatible tents, recreational shelters, and for general outdoor use.

General Information:
Product Name Woodlander M-sized Camping Stove
SKU 910203
Material Stainless Steel
Stove Body Dimesion 380 (L) * 200 (W) * 200 (H) mm
14.96 (L) * 7.87 (W) * 7.87 (H) in
Assembly Dimension 588 (L) * 520 (W) * 2420 (H) mm
23.1 (L)* 20.5 (W)* 95.3 (H) inch
Pipe Diameter 63mm/ 2.5in
Pipe Length
365mm/ 14.4in
Net Weight 9.29KG/ 20.5lbs
Fuel Dry Wood

Standard Contents:
SKU Quantity
Woodlander M-sized Camping Stove Firebox
1 Set
Pipes 910318
4 Pcs
Airflow Controller 910363
1 Pcs
Spark Arrestor 910322
1 Pcs
Ash Scraper 910361
1 Pcs
Grate for Cooking/ Heating
1 Pcs

* Durable stainless steel material avoids rusting & corrosion. 
* Accessories totally fit inside wood-burner to be a small package either to transport in your car or carry by hands.
* Easy to set up, clean & maintain. 
* It can be used outside as a stand-alone wood-burner/cooker/fire, or inside a tent/cabin as the heating source.
* High efficiency for heating, suitable for 2-4 people.

1. All accessories such as flue pipes, water tank, spark arrestor, flashing kit, fireproof mat etc can be packed inside it.
2. To create a compact size for convenient carrying, storage & transportation.

Glass Door
1. To watch the combustion state at any time.
2. To give you the real feeling of warmth.
3. Adjust air vent to freely control inflow & outflow of air.

1. It can be used as carrying handles when folded.
2. It can be folded flat on the top surface, free from the trouble of installation and dismantlement.
3. Keeping a line with top surface when stretched out, as a sturdy platform for placing cookwares or drying clothes.
1. Five pcs of pipes tightly & sturdily plug in together.
2. All the pipes can be packed inside the firebox for easy storage &transportation.

Spark Arrestor
1. A replacement of the cowl.
2. To prevent sparks flying out from the pipes to fire leaves or tents around.

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